about the artist

     For a project in the third grade, my classmates and I were assigned to draw ourselves doing what we wished would be our future professions. I drew myself in an art studio, picturing doing what I love most for the rest of my life. Being young, I could only find the words to describe being an artist as "fun." Looking back, I can now better describe those feelings as a sense of freedom to express myself. 

     As I grew older, my dreams of being a full-time artist fell to the wayside while I pursued a more stable and traditional option studying dietetics. I had studied this profession for over three years at university with over 145 credits earned. During this time, I never lost my passion for making art and continued to find ways to express myself creatively. Feeling utterly overwhelmed, I took a leave of absence from school for my mental health, which I found very therapeutic. I was diagnosed with autism which helped to give me answers to struggles I had always experienced. 

     As of spring 2022, I have returned to school to finish one final semester to earn a General Studies degree. During school, I will continue to focus on my brand. My goals are to grow my brand and make this a career for myself, as other occupations are not a viable option for me. With any extra money I may raise with my business, I hope to contribute to other small businesses and use this platform to help fundraise for charitable organizations. 

     Creating art every day has already brought more joy and newfound hope into my life. I find fulfillment in creating, as it is my passion, and I hope that my art brings happiness to others. 

     I use many different forms of media to express myself and create unique pieces. One of the mediums most prominent in my shop is my purses. Using up-cycled purses as a medium for my art allows me to turn otherwise unwanted items into something special that someone can enjoy. I find joy in my art becoming a unique wearable piece that is more sustainable than the fast fashion industry. All of the new products that I do sell are designed with quality in mind to last for a longer period. These items can also be difficult to purchase from a thrift store or second-hand. And, while not all my products are wearable, my goal with my art is to design items that will make people happy and make a statement. 

     I currently reside in Tucson, AZ (ancestral lands of the Tohono O'odham), which has a great community of artists and creators. Whether it's visiting my page, commenting on my socials, or making a purchase, I greatly appreciate the support I receive. 

     Although I have received no formal art education, I have a passion for creating quality art. I have been doing arts and crafts from as young as I can remember, and with that comes more than a substantial amount of experience. That said, as an artist and person, I am continuously learning and growing. 

     If you want to stay in touch with me and my journey, you can follow by using the links below! I also have a contact form page or an email (contactsarahnicole@gmail.com) available.


Thank you,